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Thanks  to the latest advancement in minimally invasive endovascular technology, we are now able to successfully treat the majority of patients with narrowed or blocked arteries and aneurysmal disease without resorting to major open surgery.


The procedures are typically done under local anaesthetic via a small puncture in the groin. Through a small (often a only 2mm in diameter) tube placed in the vessel, we are able to gain access to the narrow and blocked arteries and veins. Using specialised wires we have the option of either ballooning (angioplasty) or placing a stent within the vessel. More recently we also have the ability to remove plaque through a specialised technique called atherectomy. As all cases are unique, we will discuss which option will be best suited for your condition. 

Given the minimally invasive nature of these procedures, the recovery time is minimal. Patients are usually only kept in hospital for overnight. Patients can return to normal activity including driving the next day. Heavy exercise including lifting heavy objects and running is not recommended for a short period of time to reduce the risk of delayed bleeding at the puncture site. 



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